ZZGold - "La Grange" Custom Guitar

You know ...

it's in you, and it's gotta come out - the Boogie Woogie! 

ZZGold - "La Grange"  is a collaboration between Recaster Guitars and The Monster Forge.

Vintage & Relic

We took an old Maya 'law suit' guitar and gave it a custom guitar makeover that oozes Texas shuffle. The Hot Rod link does't end at the pin stripes. Under the hood are 2x Gibson Burstbuckers to power the boogie with the original vintage MiJ pots and 2x Sprague 0.22uF caps. Of course in a tip of the stetson to the Rev. we've fitted Dunlop Sound Lab. "Billy Gibbons" 7-38 strings. 

Make it yours

At Recaster Guitars we never do the same guitar twice - each one is unique.

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